Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I donate with Pago?

We have imagined a process as simple as possible, fast and cost-free and which, hopefully, will make your life easier when you want to do a good deed. If you donate through the app, just select the NGO and confirm the payment, because your payment information is already entered. You will also receive benefits – for each recurring donation, you have two extra bills included in your subscription, and donations are not taken into account when calculating the number of bills paid.

If you are not a Pago user, you can pay online, directly from your browser, either from the Pago website or directly from the NGO website. Upon confirmation of payment, you get 200 bonus points that you can use in the Pago application if you decide you want to become a user.

*this functionality will be active from September 2019, after the selection period of the 15 NGOs that will be part of the first edition of Donate with Pago.

Why should I register my NGO in the Donate with Pago project?

Because it is 100% cost-free –  Pago and its partners support all the associated costs so that your NGO receives the donation in full.

Your message reaches hundreds of thousands of potential donors by promoting the cause on Pago’s channels and those if our partners (Banca Transilvania, FDSC, the Bucharest Community Foundation).

Donations will be available both online and in the Pago app, an application that already has 100,000 active users and hosted over 1 million payments in less than two years.

In addition, together, we will constantly communicate with donors about the progress of your projects, the main thing required by our users*.

* following a poll among app users.

Why NGOs and not other forms of association?

NGOs are legal entities with a well-established role that can reach and help people and stories in more personalised ways than the government and have the flexibility that allows them to innovate, just like startups.

What are the costs involved?

For NGOs and donors, there are no costs. All associated costs are supported by Pago and the project partners while media supporters and partners help us get the message where it is needed.

So, donations are cost-free and 100% of the donation goes to the NGO.

How do I know that money is spent properly?

We asked our users and most of those who responded told us that decisive is the confidence that the money goes where planned. So transparency is the key element. Anyone can see donations in real-time and the results with that money in relation to the goals originally set.

Of course, the NGO is the entity that is donated to and therefore will spend the money, but we will do our best to ensure transparency. If there are suspicions of fraud, the NGO agrees that it may be the subject of external audit, but we hope it will not be the case. Like you, we prefer to trust.

Why focus on Education, Civic Participation, Health&Sports and Social? Are these the only areas of interest?

Here we listened to the users who told us which domains they were most interested in and we also chose Civic Participation as a sign of a healthy society. Of course, for a society to thrive, we also need culture, environmental protection, animal protection, etc. Therefore, any eligible NGO from any other domain can apply, under the  Other category. The only difference is that there will be more competition among NGOs in this category.

What kind of projects are not eligible for funding?

We consider not eligible individual medical cases, partisan actions (which support a particular party or a certain candidate) or those that restrict human rights or do not comply with the Romanian legislation. If you have any doubts, you can write to before submitting the application.

Is this an unique platform?

It is unique in a way – it is the only place where you will be able to donate for one or several causes, with just one tap, in-app, alongside your utilities payments or some other payments. Separately, for those who do not want to download the application, donations can be made directly from the browser. There are other donor platforms that we also recommend –, dedicated to direct debit and SMS, (the only one, besides Donate with Pago that is cost-free),, already very popular alongside athlets and not only.

Who is behind Donate with Pago?

First, the entire Pago team – 20 people who have embraced the idea and spent hundreds of hours developing it. Banca Transilvania support us to cover most of the costs associated with processing and communication. The Civil Society Development Foundation and the Bucharest Community Foundation have shared their experience. And the jury, made up of professionals in relevant domains, helps us find the best NGOs.

Who are the members of the jury of first edition of Donate with Pago?

For the first phase of the selection, a jury will select 5 NGOs/category, according to the criteria mentioned in Terms and Conditions.

The members of the jury are: Alina Kasprovschi – Executive Director, Fundația Comunitară București, Cătălin Crețu – General Manager Visa România, Croația, Slovenia, Malta, Elena Stancu –, Florin Ghindă – founder of România Pozitivă, Iuliana Rada – Program Director, The Civil Society Development Foundation, Mădălina Dina – CSR Specialist, Banca Transilvania, Radu Gramatovici – Dean, Faculty of The Faculty of Mathematics and Computer science, University of Bucharest, Raluca Ion – editor, Vlad Mixich – health policy expert, Adrian Cighi – Pago co-founder.

The jury will also be formed by anyone who will leave a virtual vote during the public vote period.