“We are more than 100.000 Pago users who use the app to pay the bills, utilities, to top-up mobile phones to keep in touch with all those we hold dear. We buy all kind of insurances – RCA, travel or house insurances, we pay our taxes. We take care of our home and the people we care about. We envision a world in which we take greater care of the home outside our house – the society we live in.


Donate with Pago becomes the place where Pago users (and not only) can add a good deed alongside their usual bill payments. These donations, one-time or recurrent, are cost-free both for donors and the NGOs. More than that, most donations bring benefits for Pago users.


Adrian and Alex

co-founders of Pago

“Suntem peste 100.000 cei care ne plătim lunar prin Pago utilitățile, întreținerea, ne reîncărcăm cartela pentru a ține legătura cu toți cei dragi, de multe ori plecați în afara țării. Facem asigurări și avem grijă de casa de acasă și de cei dragi. În afara casei este însă o continuare a lui acasă - societatea în care trăim și sub a cărei reguli ne supunem. O societate pe care o putem ajuta să fie mai bună, la fel cum vrem să ne facem casa mai bună.

Ne dorim ca Pago să devină prima platformă românească care oferă utilizatorilor săi posibilitatea de a dona direct din aplicație, printr-un singur click. Este rapid, sigur și fără costuri, în timp ce fiecare donație din aplicație vine cu diverse beneficii pentru implicarea în societate.

Adrian și AlexCo-fondatori Pago

We are a startup who grew organically, so it’s time to give something back to society. We’ve looked at the passion of the 21 developers, graphic designers or communication people in our team, along with the experience of over 1.2 million payments, and we’ve decided we can do more – we can motivate application users to donate to NGOs, entities that reach stories and people that aren’t always reached through mass public policies. We want to help them raise funds easier.

Donate with Pago is an extension of Pago, the application that has reached over 120,000 active users and over 1.2 million payments made to over 230 national and local providers. You can read more on the Pago site.

With the support of Banca Transilvania, the Civil Society Development Foundation and the Bucharest Community Foundation, we launch this idea hoping that Donate with Pago will be a simple and efficient way to facilitate donations from individuals. Together with the 10 jury members and with your help, we chose the first 15 NGOs to which we will make this platform available, along with our support to communicate effectively with donors.

How does it work?

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With a tap, from the Pago app, where you receive benefits for the recurring donation, or directly from the browser.



Pago and its partners support all the associated costs, and the donation goes entirely to the cause.



We’ll keep you updated on the progress of the cause for which you donated.